We just had this conversation this weekend and I was working on a blog of  my own to sum up my feelings on this very subject. It started with realizing that Kanye West is now the man he used to make fun of and how whitewashed Roc Nation seems to be. Remember when Jay-z did huge events with Mary J singing or Jaguar Wright and now you got Rihanna bellowing like a goat. What happen to real girls like Tootie? Anyway this is a great read and kudos to the writer excellent work and a dope ass analogy.

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J to the LO

Jennifer Lopez is releasing her Greatest Hits album. The fly girl is reminding the world that she actually was a successful singer despite her obvious lack of vocal talent. The diva will display her songs from the early 2000’s that made a star such as If You Had My Love, Ain’t It Funny and Get Right as well as new songs like Dance Again. Jennifer has wisely stepped into the electronic music craze and as that music finally begins to fade she may just have allowed herself the opportunity to finally be a touring artist. We will see anyway look below for the regular and deluxe version of her album cover and tell us will you be buying Jlo’s album? Hit us up in comments or @akireshenri @mediamyxx



Festive Hackney

The UK has the best festivals and this weekend was no different at BBC Hackney went on without a hitch. I didn’t watch much but I will highlight what caught my attention this weekend. Jay-z had an amazing show minus bringing Rihanna out. He did a lot of classics that really had me going especially Where I’m From. He is really great in a festival setting. Of course the highlight was his gorgeous wife looking adorable as she got in the mosh pit to Niggas in Paris. She goes full-out for Jay at every show. Rita Ora also ran her own set and looked like a seasoned vet as she effortlessly transitioned from song to song. I have also founded my new crush Delilah this weekend singing the amazing GO. Ahh the US has got to learn how to handle music festivals this way it could really be amazing . Look below for videos of my highlights and tell us what you think  about Hackney in comments or @akrieshenri @mediamyxx


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A Bitch Named Karma

One of the more popular episodes of this year’s Basketball Wives, on VH1 was the altercation between star Jennifer Williams and Nia Crooks the assistant and friend of Evelyn Lozada. During the spat Nia slaps Jennifer across the face and the girls do a salsa dance before being pulled apart. After the altercation Jennifer filed criminal charges against Nia, and let the world know that Nia is worth anything. She can’t sue her for anything because she doesn’t have anything, then promply sues her. Jennifer has stayed on her soapbox all season long pretending to care about violence against women, being a role model or anything that makes the public feel sorry for her and give her a storyline for the season. Well Karma came for Jennifer , TMZ is reporting the white people called and they want their Bentley back. Jennifer is now facing a lawsuit for the remaining balance of the car and they also want possession of the car as the car hasn’t been paid on since 2009. I definitely will not laugh at someone’s misfortune but hopefully Jennifer will not take shots at people about them not having anything because Karma is a mean bitch and will put you on your ass if you are not careful. Read more about Jennifer’s repo situation here and let us know what you think in comments or @akireshenri @mediamyxx

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American O.R.A

Rita has finally set her sights on the U.S of A and is hitting up us talk shows. She began last Friday as she interviewed with Vh1’s Big Morning Buzz and finally had her first performance for How We Do(Party) on Good Morning America. The song is now flying up i-tunes hopefully allowing the US to catch up with the rest of the world where Rita is concerned. Rita also performed at the Lovebox festival and is shot for Seventeen magazine today. Rita is putting the finally touches on her album O.R.A as it rapidly approaches her September release. Watch Rita on GMA , behind the scenes at Lovebox and a fab interview she did for Hunger TV. Give us your thoughts in comments or @akireshenri @mediamyxx



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She Who Laughs Last..

During season 2 of Love and Hip Hop Chrissy Lampkin was painted as a bully who disliked woman who made their own money. Watching the first season I never got that from her, I got she was insecure with her relationship with Jim particularly the direction it was going but hating on another woman getting hers, nah. Chrissy maintained Mona Scott-Young set her up on several occasions to take her out of her character and seeing as how the original cast is dropping like flies I can’t say she is lying. Chrissy is getting the last laugh as she now has her own show with finance Jim Jones. Jim and the family Jones will take a look at Chrissy and Jim’s life as they move forward towards getting married and becoming a family unit. I am sure that Mama Jones will also be on hand to shake things up. I am happy for Chrissy she was my favorite along with Emily B and I hope this works out for her. While I will not take a shot at Mona for trying to get the ratings up it was more than clear she set those girls up this season and that was shady. The Atlanta girls are hood rats and don’t care either way but I am now curious if Love and Hip Hop can carry on and who will they bring on the show . Let me know what you think in comments or hit me up on twitter @akireshenri or @mediamyxx

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The Heroic Villian

To say I am overjoyed over the pictures of Angelina Jolie taking on the role of my favorite mistress of evil is an understatement.Maleficent, fromDisney’s classic Sleeping Beauty, was the epitome of what it was to be evil. She made it look so good with her tinted green skin, yellow eyes, blood-red lips and the most fabulous oval-shaped red nails you  have ever seen. Had it not been for the music and gorgeous voice then Aurora may have played second fiddle for me. Maleficent wasn’t jealous of Aurora’s beauty, she was pissed she didn’t get an invite to the party and showed the kingdom who really had the power, casting a spell on the young royal. Ahh as Disney begins bring yet another one to life Angelina is perfect to play this conniving evil doer. Look below at the official picture given courtesy of  Disney and let us know are ready to see this movie? Hit me up on twitter @akireshenri or the blog @mediamyxx or you can leave your comments below

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Happy Father’s Day

Mediamyxx would like to send a HUGE thank you to all the great fathers in the world including my own dad. Daddy I love you and thank you for always being there and for giving your last to make sure we could have. Your tireless love and support is why I am who I am today.

Tough Skin

Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano of Mob Wives are partnering up to sell a new skin care line . The pair who opened medi-spa Luminique. Adding to the skin care business they are now selling the products sold in the spa under the Luminique name. Karen is a esthetician and owned a spa back in Arizona so this just her returning to her roots. I am happy for Karen she has real goals, she wrote a best-selling book, has a spa and there is talk in turning her book into a movie. I am not mad at you girl. Good job Renee getting involved I must say I am interested in hearing more about the product. Read more about Karen’s spa here  Tell us what you think in comments or @akireshenri @mediamyxx


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Dues Paid

Another day, another female rapper on the rise having a breakdown on twitter. This time it’s Azealia Banks proclaiming she is “done” with rap. Apparently Azealia feels like she has paid her dues even though she doesn’t even have an album out. Sigh what dues have you paid Azealia? First she has a beef with Lil Kim because Kim didn’t want to rap the lyrics she wrote and takes it upon herself to act as if she was done wrong and now she is upset that the “urban” media isn’t kissing her ass. What happen to people understanding you have to crawl before you walk?  Good luck with that one, because if you think that mainstream is going to treat you any better you are in for a wake up call. Any new artist has to prove themselves and rightfully so that is not just in music. It’s with any you go after in life. Don’t let those Europeans hype you up and force you to cash a check you are not prepared to write yet. Anyway the um artist released her Liquorice video off her 212 mixtape. Tell us what you think in comments or hit me up on twitter at @akireshenri or @mediamyxx