Remember Black Planet

As the digital era takes us to infinity and beyond writer Navarro Wright takes a look at how Black America , more specifically black media is missing the mark as Facebook and Twitter begin to shape our world. Wright forgets this is an area we also had a jump on and let fall to the wayside because our inability to invest in ourselves. Remember Black planet? If you went to an HBCU you had a Black planet page before a My space,Facebook or Twitter account. Hundreds of thousands of young blacks engaged in social media with each other in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and have nothing to show for it now. Blackplanet is now little more of an afterthought. No one thought to market it, invest in it and now the other social networks have billions invested in them and Oscar caliber movies about their inception. I agree its time for us to find a platform to continue our journey into this digital divide. Maybe a look into our past with Black planet is a great start on how to keep black media in the running with current trends. Hopefully this time we will invest in ourselves. What do you think? Read the rest of Wright’s piece here:


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