Do Hoes Really Win??

I read an article at Vibe Vixen by Demtria L . Lucas about hoes winning in 2012 that reminded me of a similar thought I had two weeks ago right around the time Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce from Kobe Bryant due to infidelity again. The talk soon turned to Vanessa’s upcoming  payout. Vanessa, married to Kobe for10 years to , had two children and they had no prenup apprently would be receiving upwards of 150 million and the house the couple shared. A week after Vanessa’s massive payout Mel Gibson’s long suffering ex wife Robin Gibson who like Vanessa had no prenupt would be receiving a whopping 450 million of Gibson’s money. These women may not be stars of reality TV shows making 10,000 an episode but THAT is what I call winning. Being a jump off and girlfriend pays the bills nicely we see you but it’s clear in court real WIVES are the one’s winning. Read Demetria’s article here : and tell us what you think

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