Serena is a Muthafucking factor!

As I listened to the words that Serena Williams spoke at the Brisbane tournament, I wondered, what did she say that was so bad.  The media is portraying her to be a spoiled brat who doesn’t care about her sport.  What I heard was a woman who “today” didn’t like what she did.  I can’t think of anyone who I know who hasn’t complained about their job one day or another.  Let’s face it, the Williams sisters have single handedly made women’s tennis relevant again and for over a decade have dominated the sport. Other players are waiting for the day when the William’s sisters retire and make way for the rest of the women’s field. Like her or not, Serena said she is NOT done with tennis and with that being said she WILL win more majors before her career is over.  So whether she “loves” tennis today or not, the rest of the field knows, that she is a Muthafukin factor.


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