Yandy! Yandy! Yandy!

Once again Yandy Smith from VH1’s Love and Hip Hop opens mouth and inserts foot via twitter, when she sent out this tweet about the birth of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby “Awww congrats Beautify Bey and Jay! Even though that baby been here for a month already. I be knowin! Glad you had a healthy baby. #GODBLESSYOU.” Well ofcourse it took the Beyonce fans 1.3 seconds to get wind of this and begin an all out twitter war with Yandy. Yandy later explained that he comments were in jest and she was making fun of all the rumors surrounding the due date of the baby. Yandy, I honestly believe that your comments were said in jest, yet as always they were poorly timed and just open for interpretation.  Yandy, here’s a thought, the next time you have a thought you want to share, DONT!

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