Did Baby Blue get special treatment?

I read an article today about other parents at Lennox Hill hospital who were not happy about the special treatment that Beyonce and her child were given.  Many said that security was so tight that it was hard for them to get to the nursery to see their children.  Many feel that celebrities are given preferential treatment and should be treated the same as everyone.  Yet imagine this.  Imagine not being able to check into the hospital under a pseudonym, imagine not even being able to trust the people in charge of taking care of you for fear of them using their phones to snap a pic to send to the press.  Imagine having paparazzi who were bold enough to pose as parents to get a snapshot of your child. Imagine even having to put tape over the security cameras for fear of security guards selling footage.  Well you don’t have to imagine, its reality for Jay-Z and Beyonce.  If we as Americans respected the privacy of celebrities, these extreme measures wouldn’t be necessary, but sadly proud papa Jay-Z took no precautions in ensuring the safety of his wife Beyonce of his daughter Blue.  So did Blue get special treatment at Lennox Hill hospital, Yes, but think about their reality and what this child will have to deal with just to leave the hospital.


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