Jesus doesn’t answer Tim Tebow on the mainline, Patriots win!

You would have had to be hiding under the rock of Gibraltar to not hear the Tim Tebow talk this past week. The Denver Broncos quarterback and proud disciple of Jesus got picked apart by pretty boy Tom Brady leading his New England Patriots to a route of the Denver Broncos. Tim Tebow has been the topic of discussion since he brought the Broncos back in the previous week against the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime. Tebow was a sensation besting Beyoncé’s twitter record and becoming an instant pop culture phenom. Praying got replaced with “Tebowing” and everyone from SNL to Jimmy Fallon had Tebow skits in their respective shows. Clearly Tom Brady didn’t appreciate not being the center of attention as he completely picked apart the young quarterback. Tom wasn’t in the mood to be Goliath to Tebow’s David as he threw five touchdowns in the first half alone. The final score was 45-10 and now the press can resume to their Brady love affair, the quarterback with the good looks, model wife and deadly arm. Tebow will go on to be a huge snag for evangelistic Christian groups to rally around not to mention the hordes of other companies looking for the evangelistic Christian dollar. Tebow may not have won the game on the field but he clearly won in field of public opinion and all eyes are on his footprints he makes on and off the field.

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