What would Jesus Do?

As the Republican debates and primaries go forward the candidates continues to promise supporters of the social programs they will cut all while proclaiming his good Christian values. It led me to ask what Jesus would do. Would he be a fiscal conservative or would he put the needs of the people first. Well let’s look in the bible and see what his actions tell us.  Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine when it ran short at a wedding. He clearly wasn’t again against libations as we are lead to believe. The most interesting miracles from Jesus show his stance on healthcare. In the bible Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and when an ailing woman touched the helm of his garment he healed her critical disease. Considering that most on the right consider “Obamacare” a mortal sin it’s interesting that Jesus didn’t feel the same way. This is the same man who took loaves and fishes and multiplied it so that ALL can eat and who’s only act of anger is occupying the temples when products were being sold in God’s house. If this is the Jesus passed down from generation to generation, from century to century then what exactly is the disconnect ? How is the Republican Party able to use the name of Jesus when they clearly don’t follow his basic teachings? If we follow the miracles and life of Jesus he didn’t care about big or small business, he cared about the people of God, giving them hope during Roman occupation and rule. In this country church and state is not one but many people of faith vote by their religious values and if you are one of the many voters that do are you truly following the teachings of Jesus or like so many fitting his teachings into a convenient box when it fits. You have every right to believe and vote according to your conscience but let’s stop using Jesus as political jargon and just stick to the issues at hand. What do you think about the right’s hijacking of the Christian faith?


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