Recap: Love and Hip Hop

Doing my duties as a Blogger in the know I watch the reality shows that keeps twitter and social media buzzing. This week was no exception as I watched the new episode of Love and Hip Hop. To recap the episode Yandy spent the entire episode saying she was loyal and trying to get the other girls to side with her over Chrissy, Kimbella and Erica continue to play the Who Run the World (video girls) game, Olivia continued to live on denial street and Emily continued to pretend she isn’t stupid over Fab. The best moment of this weeks show is when industry powerhouse Mona Scott-Young explained to Yandy how she crossed the line. While she refuses to see it there is a difference between business and personal. You do not get kudos for being loyal to your client that is your job and if you behave in a personal manner you wouldn’t cross your clients significant others path in the first place. What do you think about what Mona said to Yandy and give us your thoughts on this week’s new episode.


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