Kourtney and Kim bore Mediamyxx

Stepping up to the plate to do my blogging duties I watched E’s Kourtney and Kim Take New York and it took every fiber in my being not to change the channel. It was boring and even that is an understatement. Kim wants to hire a medium to connect to her Dad, Scott vies for Kourtney’s attention and Kris’s sister Kayla comes to New York to visit . Kim continues to edit the show to try to paint her as the victim of a bad marriage. Kris is terrible because he has a mind of his own and tells her the truth. He is the same annoying smug guy he was when introduced to the world he is the poster child for the word jock. Work out, play ball and continue to act like a 16-year old with the “guy code”. No amount of editing can hide the truth of Kim being vapid and in love with herself the truth is there will never be room for anyone that can’t expand her brand. Kourtney and Scott on the other hand tried to come to middle ground regarding taking pictures together. Kourtney thinks pictures are cheesy and Scott wanted proof he was still in the picture. After a failed attempt to have a painting made the pair had their pictures taken by Kim high above New York.  Kris Humphries worked out, and took shots at and  Mason is adorable. The climax (if you can call it that) was John Edwards speaking to their Dad from beyond the grave where they out Kourtney’s pregnancy and Kim’s Dad sons her with did you learn from your first divorce. The conclusion of this snorefest is next week and I will muster enough brain power to inform you how Mama Kris edits the breakup. Let us know what you think. Did you watch? Hit us up on twitter to give your thoughts on the show @mediamyxx. @akireshenri

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