Affirmation Action in Jeopardy

Affirmation action is under attack yet again by naysayers using a Duke University study showing blacks don’t do as well in science programs. For the record the study doesn’t mention affirmative action at all but that hasn’t stopped opponents of the  program to cry foul. For years students who don’t get into their school of choice have blamed affirmative action as the reason they were turned away and have fought vigorously to have program dismantled. The Supreme Court upheld Affirmative Action in 2003 but with the election of Barack Obama and conservatives determined to repeal the act we should be proactive and pay attention to who we vote for this year. On top of repealing affirmative action they also want to remove funding for black colleges. We have to be diligent this year with our precious vote. Read the excellent article here at and tell us what you think about this story in the comments or on twitter @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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