Another Twitter Victim

Facebook and Twitter are about as common to people nowadays as snail mail and telephones were in my parents era.  Yet social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are much more public and reach larger audiences.  That’s why many people, even celebrities, have gotten into trouble for pictures and post put on these sites.  Yet Facebook and Twitter foolishness is not just limited to celebrities.  Case in point, Yuri Wright.  Who is Yuri Wright you ask?  Yuri Wright is a standout athlete from New Jersey rated 4-star in the state.  Yuri is so good in fact, that he was offered and accepted a scholarship to the University of Michigan for the 2012 season.  Yet poor Yuri, like so many others, forgot that Twitter is a PUBLIC site and a concerned Michigan alumnus sent the school verbatim tweets from Wrights account. The misogynistic and racist overtone of some of the tweets caused the University of Michigan to rescind its scholarship offer.  Read the tweets below and see if you agree.

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