Rosebarr Barr is an Idiot

When blues legend Etta James died last week after her long fight with leukemia Roseanne Barr used her twitter page to vent over Etta not singing for President Obama and blasted Beyonce for messing Etta over. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion it was not the place, time, nor business of Roseanne Barr. Of course Beyonce’s loyal stans rushed to her defense as Roseanne called them all kind of derogatory names. Of course the next day Roseanne issues an apology to the fans and to Beyonce praising her talent when she just said she couldn’t sing. Twitter is a wonderful social network which allows celebrities to speak directly to their fanbase but it comes a time when it’s too much. If Roseanne didn’t agree with the who the President wanted to sing she is well within her right but to use her death to rant about something so non important is just ridiculous. What do you think.

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2 thoughts on “Rosebarr Barr is an Idiot

  1. She was so stupid. She acted like Beyonce personally victimized Etta James and bullied Pres. Obama into letting her sing. Down here on Earth, Pres. Obama invited Beyonce to sing because that’s who he wanted to hear. You can disagree till the cows come home but it was HIS decision.

    Roseanne just wanted attention, end of. She even lied and said Beyonce fans were saying awful things about Etta when the fan base seemed rather indifferent to her death.

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