Ashanti Declares her New Label

Its been years since Ashanti hit us with The Declaration the album didn’t fare too well on the charts but her singles  The Way I Love You and Good Good both did good on the R&B charts. Taking what she learned as an artist on a major label Ashanti has started her own label on gone independent and we at Mediamyxx are happy for her. Ashanti’s new album and singles will be released off of her label Written Entertainment and distributed through independent giant Entertainment One. While many laugh at independent situations most artist can make what an artist makes at a major label with only 300,000 sold. Ashanti also brokered her own  deal with I tunes for her single to be released. If she was doing Kelly Rowland numbers per say Ashanti would be killing. If she can establish a touring presence this will be a perfect move for her. We are so proud of Ashanti and hope Olivia is watching her moves. Here is more about her deal with E1:  and watch her interview with Access Hollywood as she talks about taking her career in her own hand  as well as shooting the video for her new single The Woman You Love tell us what you think about Ashanti’s deal and listen to her song on her website

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