Recap: The Game


On last nights episode of The Game Malik had to sell his mammoth mansion which was his dream home as child to curb his spending during the lockout and his stalled career. Melanie and Tasha continued the petty beef they have taking it to a bar trying to out tip each other with a waiter named Javier. I am really hoping they move past this next week as the back and forth has worn out it welcome for me. Jason was blindsided as his show added a blonde co-host. Jason ran to his staple of reality his wife Chardonnay, the neck rolling,sass mouthed, weave wearing brown girl Jason accidently married. This story-line  was cute at first but it is getting boring real fast. I am hoping next week the action picks up and the show begins to move forward, there seems to be writing block over at BET. Tell me what you think about last night’s episode in the comments or online at @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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