Tardy for the Party: The Braxton’s recap


On the Braxton’s last week the sisters returned from their sister’s retreat to deal with their relationships as Trina finally had to make a decision about Gabe. Trina admitted she was spending more time with the band and drinking to not have to deal with Gabe and the fact she had to ask Towanda to move out. Trina finally had her breaking point when more of Gabe’s infidelity became known and let Gabe know in a session with Dr.Sherry that she wanted out. Towanda on the other hand took the money she saved up and brought her own house, and informed Andre he would not be staying with her and the kids. She told Andre to go stay with his grandmother. Tamar on the other hand was still astonished that anyone can find fault with her as Vince became annoyed with her spoiled ways. It leads up to tonight’s episode where Vince is hospitalized and Tamar falls apart the family comes together to rally around the youngest Braxton. What do you think of the episode let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri  (photo courtesy of We tv)

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