Congrats to Chris Brown

In my Grammy write up I focused on how awful the Grammy’s were and they were just that awful  but after watching the media complain about Chris Brown we wanted to take the opportunity to say congrats on your first Grammy. Chris Brown plead guilty to his crime and has done what he is to do per the law. He doesn’t owe you ANYTHING else get the hell over it. I am sick of the media talking bad about him just because. I thought his performance wasn’t good, he needs a vocal coach and a new creative director however he earned his Grammy. I am so sick of the media searching to find something wrong about him and right about Rihanna. I am a grown woman and by no means a member of Team Breezy but the more the media comes after him it makes you support him considering how they don’t seem to hold the same malice for Charlie Sheen and the other Hollywood bad boys . I hope Chris Brown really appreciates the support he has and takes the time to perfect his craft. What do you think about the mainstream media’s inability to let it go hit us up in comments or online @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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