Love, Peace and Electro Pop?

When Chris Brown won for best R&B album the outrage on twitter wasn’t because he won but because Chris Brown doesn’t sing R&B music anymore. I can assure you Beautiful People, Turn up The Music and Yeah 3x isn’t on anyone’s local urban station nor is Rihanna and her hopeless place. The Grammy’s completely disrespected black music and artist yet again from not putting up a picture of Etta James during her SHORT tribute to not adding Vesta Williams on the list of the dead being honored and by honoring Don Cornelius before the Euro pop section , really? You know as a reader I love and Adle and feel she deserved every one of her Grammys but all of Adele’s wins were televised when Beyonce, who won six first in 2010 only got one televised acceptance speech. Adele’s pictures holding her six Grammy’s were ready shortly after the Grammy’s for the world to say congrats but we had to wait days for the pictures of Beyonce holding her six to surface. Now that the Grammy’s are over the focus isn’t on the winners it’s where was Kanye, where was Beyonce and Jay instead of being at the show. If more stars began to stop attending the event until respect is giving I think the voters would rethink their position. Diana Ross couldn’t get a real tribute for all the work she put into this industry by the Grammys? The Beach Boys got a better honor on Sunday. fortunately I am not alone in this thinking as fellow blog Brilliantly Blunt wrote an outstanding piece on the  oversight here: . Tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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