Texas Ain’t Down with the Swirl!

A white grandfather, Scott Henson, claims he was arrested in Texas while with his black grandchild, five year-old Ty.  The incident happened as the two were walking and Henson was approached by police (who we think were just curious as to why the two were together) and noted that a black girl had just gone missing (because you know all black children look alike).  Henson claims that both he and Ty were thoroughly detained  and questioned and even after Ty identified Henson as her grandfather, the Police had trouble releasing her into his custody.  Well if you thought this was the end of the story you are terribly wrong.  The cops just couldn’t leave well enough alone and saw the two walking again later and Henson claims the police arrested him while poor little Ty watched in horror. Fortunately this story has a happy ending because Henson gave the officers the phone number to Ty’s mother who gladly identified Henson as none other than her child’s grandfather.  Henson understandably has resentment towards the Austin Police Department and we at mediamyxx.com are perplexed because this seems to be the most interested any Police Department has been in finding a missing black child.  Comment and tell us what you think.

Photo courtesy of Daily News



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