Nancy Grace hangs up on Pastor Shirley Cesar

Talentless, sensationalist, and rude and three words that aptly describe Nancy Grace in her interview with Pastor Shirley Cesar following Whitney Houston’s death.  Grace, who has focused all her energy on discussing Whitney’s past drug use and implicating it in her death, that she refuses to pay tribute to the legend. In her interview with Shirley Cesar, Grace begins to bombard Pastor Shirley Cesar with questions about Whitney’s drug use, when Pastor Cesar refuses to answer the question but yet elegantly reminds Grace that we have all sinned, Nancy Grace rudely hangs up the phone on her in mid-sentence.  Listen to the full audio below.  We at mediamyxx hate say to Nancy Grace, shame on you, just because this isn’t a lost Caucasian female doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve respect.

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2 thoughts on “Nancy Grace hangs up on Pastor Shirley Cesar

  1. the media is sickening, pls allow coroner to finish before we make aqc
    usations on a persons death. her mother & daughter & family give these ppl some privacy & be careful who u r rude to u maybe wondering what happened to ur career, touch not my annointed & do my prophet no harm, dats bible. everybody lives one day @ a time & days & times get hard some , some ppl r stronger than others, so find somethn else to talk about till these ppl r ready emotionaly. thanks GCT

    • mediamyxx says:

      Glenda thanks for your comment we truly felt the same way. Whitney spoke herself on her troubles so lets not focus on that. Thank you for truly having empathy and sympathy for this legend

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