Mediamyxx Review: Estelle “All of Me”

On February 28, Estelle releases her sophomore album All of Me.  Estelle’s first single from the album, “Break My Heart,”  which features Rick Ross,  rose to number 33 on the billboard singles chart and created some buzz for the new album.  After previewing the album, I can say Estelle has created an album complete with great music.  From start to finish there are catch mid-tempo songs which will certainly keep one listening.  The only issue with Estelle’s new album is that there are no certified “bangers” on this album.  While the album is full of catchy songs, there is no one or two songs that the listener will want to buy the album just to hear.  Estelle has some great collabos with artist such as Chris Brown and Trey Songz, Janelle Monet, and Rick Ross among others; yet this album is at best forgettable.  While we love Estelle here at mediamyxx, this album does not move us the way her other work has.  We give this albums 2 out of 4 spins. Rating System

= forgettable

 = couple of hot singles

 = potential to be a banger

 = classic album, this one needs to be in your repertoire.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.


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