Everybody Hates Chris

On the heels of he and Rihanna’s duets and an all out twitter war following the Grammy’s, Chris Brown is back in the news.  Sources report that after leaving a Miami nightclub, a young woman tried to take a pic of him with her I-phone.  Not happy with that, reportedly Chris snatched the phone and fled the scene.  Well ofcourse the young woman went right to the police and filed a theft report with the Miami PD.  Chris Brown is now being accused of theft and could face 5 years in prison.  This string of unfortunate events in Chris Brown’s life show the need for people in a celebrities entorouge who are truly a voice of reason for the artist.  Often artist have “yes” people around them, this young man needs someone around him who will be a voice of sanity.  We will continue to follow this story and keep you updated.

Photo courtesy of People Magazine

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