Has America lost her Soul?

America produces some of the best singers in the world, yet the problem is, these artists often find it hard to make it on the American music scene, that is so image driven. Case in point, Jasmine Sullivan.  Jasmine, a musical prodigy was completely turned off by the  image driven music scene so much so that she took a self-imposed sabbatical.  Many soul artist, who make music that touches the soul and consciousness of America are often overlooked for much less talented, machine backed artist.  Many of America’s best soul artist are taking their talents to Europe and other countries who appreciate the talent of these singers.  For example, D’Angelo, who is now clean and sober and is making his comeback where, Europe.  Yet, with all the talk of the tragedy of Whitney Houston, D’Angelo can be used as an example of an artist who lost their way as is now back better than ever.  Erykah Badu, who is a musical genius, is often reduced to smaller venues in America, but recently performed at the Sydney opera house.  America is truly losing her love of soul, and that means more talentless, colorful artist will fill the airwaves with autotunes tracks and overly sexed videos that take our attention from the real artist who belive in musicality.  I guess it’s time to go abroad and get my soul back.



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