Rita on the Fast Track


















When Jay-z took Rita Ora to Z100 to get a feel for her music and the radio station decided to break with a regular rollout and just played her single Rita has zoomed into the public eye. In a flash the Brit is being snapped by the photohogs, her style is being mimicked (Hi Rihanna) and the world is ready for the new pop superstar to be unleashed. Jana Fleshiman , PR executive for Roc Nation, told Billboard the visit put Rita’s career in the “fast lane” and that her exposure was raised “tenfold”. The label is now looking to cash in on their new star as Roc Nation and Columbia are ready to roll out their starlet. Her single is being moved forward, she will spend May touring with DJ Fresh and Coldplay in Europe and the video should hit soon. Read more about Rita’s rise here :http://www.billboard.com/column/the-juice/rita-ora-visits-radio-with-jay-z-scores-1006366152.story#/column/the-juice/rita-ora-visits-radio-with-jay-z-scores-1006366152.story and tell us what you think about the starlet in comments or @mediamyxx @akirehenri

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