The Good Fight

In the early 1990’s a show called A Different World had an issue for star Whitley Gilbert to deal with in her quest for happily ever after with DeWanye. Whitley was in love with DeWayne Wayne but Dewayne had interned in Japan for the summer and came back with Black and Asian love Kenu. through the year Whitley disrespected Kenu calling her everything but her name (Kikinu, anyone) and finally put Dewayne in a position where he had to choose between the two and he chose his first love Whitley. Ahh love, well Rihanna seems to be hoping that what happen with Whitney will soon happen with her as she is taking her fight with Chris Brown’s main chick public. She has been sending messages this entire era she wants her man back and Karaeche be damned. From the Chris Brown look-alike in We Found Love to the racial shade she throws Kae on twitter the gloves are off. Rihanna this past weekend took pictures of rice cakes put earrings on them and took a shot a Karache when asked how they tasted the Bajan said they were “dry” . She also tweeted lyrics to her song with Chris reminding the “model” how they get now. Not one to get punked Karaeche fucked with her soul like Either tweeting lyrics to Stupid Hoe “I’m Angeline (sic), you’re Jen. C’mon you see where Brad is at”. Not to be outdone Rihanna tweeted lyrics by Lil Kim “I’m a leader, yall on some followin sh-t … coming in dis game on some modeling sh-t!” to remind her she isn’t a self-proclaimed model. So who is the winner in all this back and forth? Chris Brown he has two women publically fighting over him while spending time with both.  He is having his “Cake” and eating it too .Look below for a reenactment of what Chris is going through right now and read more about the fighting here: and let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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