In Florida They Kill Black People

Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old black teenager walking home from the store who was murdered by neighborhood watch captain for “looking suspicious”. In looking like a criminal he had on a hood and was black, the murder was not arrested because he is claiming self-defense. The teenager armed with skittles and a soda obviously had intent to harm this man. My heart is just so heavy over this and it makes not sense to argue or point out the obvious black life is never taken with the same seriousness as out counterparts. It’s an outrage but even feeling that way I know with certainty this child will not be the last person of color murdered without cause nor will it be the last time the police act puzzled by the outrage. The child was black and had on a hood and that should suffice as the answer to why his promising life was taken. Read more about Trayvon here:
http://articles.orla…dispatcher-shot and look to as I will be writing  a more in-depth piece on this horrific occurence.


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