State of PR

When you begin to get bad press for doing silly things stars try to show a different side of themselves by posing with fans , doing charity work or all of the above. Rihanna is no different, as she is being called to task for her racial slurs against Karreche Tran and her breast barring outfit she wore to dinner , Rihanna is posting more family friendly pictures via instagram to say I’m just like you. The Bajan posted pictures of going to the grocery store, cooking dinner for her grandmothers birthday party and according the NY Post was on her best behavior at dinner in NYC on Wed even going out the side door so no pictures of her would be taken. Of course later that night Rihanna was back to her sheer shirts partying in the club but her areolas were covered. Sigh this girl is a hot mess and I see right through her but I love my granny too so kudos to her for at least making her feel special. Look below at the pictures and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri  (Photos: courtesy of  twitter and mirroruk)

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