You Talk too Much and You Never Shut Up

Getting number one singles that are discounted to .99 cents and stay number one for about a week have gone to Katy Perry’s head. The singer did an interview with BBC radio and when asked about doing a duet with Rihanna she immediately decided to compare it with Beyonce and Shakira. Perry says she wants to make an “Iconic” song not like Beautiful Liar with Shakira. The media immediately pounced on her statement and dubbed it her diss verses Beyonce and I am more than sure the Beyhive let her know her place with the @ on twitter. Now Perry is saying she didn’t diss anyone and the media is just stirring the pot. Advise to Katy Perry the best way to not be accused of dissing another artist is to leave said artist name out of your mouth , you should be articulate enough to describe what you wanted to do without mentioning another artist. It’s also laughable that you or Rihanna could make anything iconic you are both fluff pop stars who clock is ticking. What say you guys is Katy being sincere or is she backtracking? Let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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