Scorched Earth

Instead of admitting shotty police work the Sanford Police Department is trying to give you the reason they didn’t arrest a murderer. According to Zimmerman’s account even though he got out of his car and approached the teen, after being instructed not to by the police, he was attacked , his nose was broken and his head was slammed against the pavement justifying him to “defend ” himself by shooting a teenage boy in the chest and taking his life. Trayvon was walking home, you approached him but YOU are the victim. The police also took into account that Trayvon was suspended from school  so of course once again his life should have been taken from him. It is even more infuriating as they try to defend taking a child’s life,like it’s worth nothing because of shotty laws and even more shotty police work. Read more about the situation here: and please get involved to make sure justice is served for Trayvon


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