As the Stanford Police Department and Zimmerman supporters set out to ruin the character of a 17-year-old boy who was murdered, ABC News obtained a video of the night Zimmerman was briefly detained after murdering Trayvon Martin that blows the “self-defense” case out of the water. In the video George Zimmerman appears to be unharmed , his bald head shows no signs of bruises or bandages even though by his account his head was slammed against the concrete. Also Zimmerman does not appear to have a broken nose nor does his clothes appear to have any grass stains on them despite the fact that he was rolling in the grass with Martin. This comes on the heels that lead detective Chris Serino wanted to charge Zimmerman with Manslaughter however his efforts were shot down by the state attorney. Read more about the case here: and continue to demand justice for Trayvon.


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