I Invented Swag?

When Rita Ora released her video for R.I.P. the press and bloggers (Yeah I am talking to you Idolator) tried to pass  Rita off as nothing more than a “Poor Man’s Rihanna”. Rita had stolen Rihanna’s look with a song Rihanna passed over and was stealing her “swag” cried her prepubescent Navy. The notion of stealing someone ‘s swag is funny because swag is an overused term for “it factor”. Either you have IT or you don’t it’s a star quality it cannot be taught. As for Rihanna’s look you all are screaming about? Well Rita has had this look for the three years she has been signed while Rihanna has gone for a rip of Beyonce, Kelis and Fefe and now her entire Talk that Talk look has been nothing more than Rita ‘s everyday look. As a matter of fact if you can see Rita not only wore most looks first she wore them better. The faux outrage from Rihanna’s navy is even funnier considering the fact that Rihanna is nothing more than a Beyonce clone ” gone bad”. Who can forget Rihanna with her long sandy brown weave giving her best impression of  Baby Boy in the If it’s Loving that You Want video? What about Rihanna hiring the same choreographer, dancers and image team as Bey on the second album or last and certainly not least Rihanna’s PR rep who admitted to starting the Jay-z rumor to jumpstart her career? Remember when Beyonce was Rihanna’s idol and she grew up wanting to be just like her, yeah of course you don’t remember all that because you are not fans, you are bandwagoners who jump from artist to artist depending on their billboard level and when they are on-top. Two of Rihanna’s well publicized hits were written for other artist. S.O.S was a song that Christina Millian foolishly rejected and Umbrella was written with MaryJ and Britney in mind, so a reject song isn’t a bad thing in the industry. Rita has almost two million views on her video in a few days which is huge for a new artist.  It’s just the way the game is played, Rita has said she embraces the Rihanna comparison because it will bode well for her in the end. The Rihanna comparisons will get people talking but it is her voice, her great personality and her perseverance that will keep them their. While you may have forgotten Rihanna in her Riyonce days we here at Mediamyxx certainly have not and  lucky for you we are going to provide you with the proof so when you take the Rita is a clone approach you will realize that being a clone worked for Rihanna so Rita is on the right path. Tell me what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

ps. Thanks to @jsmith189 for the picture

pss. There is plenty more where that came from if you need more

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