Sounds of Blackness

When Mary J Blige dropped the commercial for “Chrispy Chicken, lettuce, three cheeses” (the song is catchy as hell) most laughed and thought the commercial wasn’t up to the standard for a star like Mary but racist, no. Unfortunately the black elite don’t think the commerical is funny and tried to make a little more seriously than it was supposed to be. Black people eat chicken, White people eat chicken,Indian people eat chicken, Asian people eat chicken.  If you go to a restaurant no matter the ethnicity you can get chicken made to your liking. For the ones that are upset about the “message” it sends I encourage you to find a more meaningful way to channel your outrage. Black on Black violence, underfunded schools, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and the disrespect for Black life should keep you busy instead of Mary J’s Chrispy Chicken commercial . What say you am I overlooking the “bigger” picture or should they just have a V8. Let me know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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