Disappearing Acts

George Zimmerman has been dropped by his attorneys after not listening to their advise. His attorneys say they have not been in contact with him since Sunday, he did a Sean Hannity interview against their advice and calling the Special Prosecutor himself without his legal team. It is not surprising that Zimmerman is not listening considering he didn’t listen when the police told him not to follow Trayvon which resulted in the child’s death. On Monday the Special Prosecutor announced she would not use a Grand Jury to help with the case which the legal eagles on TV interpreted that he would not be charged with first degree murder but would most likely be charged. The legal team for Trayvon’s family said they were “hopeful” this development meant Zimmerman would be charged and they were not surprise by the prosecutors moves. The Special Prosecutor confirmed an announcement on the case would be made in 72-hours. We are hoping for the best, read more on the case here:http://news.yahoo.com/prosecutor-plans-announcement-george-zimmermans-legal-team-calls-200512016–abc-news-topstories.html


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