Nicki’s Had it Up to Here

Nicki Minaj is celebrating her second number one album in a row and wants people to know she is tired of the comparisons to Lady Gaga. While doing a Nightline interview with JuJu Chang she stated her growing disdain for the comparison and feels she has her own lane. While Nicki may have her Barbz and Ken’s fools let’s make one thing abundantly clear Nicki you do NOT have all of us fooled. If you don’t want Lady Gaga comparisons then you shouldn’t hire her use her visual team. You think we didn’t put two and two together about your Grammy performance? You arrival and performance was nothing more than the “egg” stunt Gaga pulled the year before and had the exact same reaction if I may say so. The male ego, the wigs and the pretentiousness, the Mac lipstick? Nicki it’s ok enjoy your number one, enjoy touring the world but do not think for one second you will not be called out when you are clearly following someone else’s Blueprint. With all that said Nicki is a smart girl I get a better since of her with each interview and I love that despite the Gaga stuff she does she clearly has a plan for the Nicki Minaj brand. Read more about Nicki’s irriation here: and let us know am I being too hard or Nicki? Or does she think we are stupid. Hit me up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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