Life is But a Beach Chair

Aww it must be nice, Beyoncé spent the last week frolicking around St. Barts in the $960 Etro shirts she made a beach wrap celebrating 4 years of bliss with her and her hubby. The couple brought along family members for the festivities as Cousin Angie , Mama Tina, Sister Mickey and the nephews were seen in various pictures. The couple is rumored to have renewed their committment to each other. Beyoncé also released a hand written letter to the first lady of the United States yesterday on her website. I love that she hand writes her stuff verses being bound to 140 characters of twitter.  In the letter she wrote about her love and admiration of Michelle Obama and how happy she is her daughter was born in a world where she existed. Of course the twitter grammar police came out and tried to write tickets but the “wasp” were paid no mind. Back to the St Barts trip the fashion blogs are a buzz with the delicious looks we got from the trip and I am posting my favorite courtesy of the wonderful Fashion Bomb. If you like the look please go to to see the other wears the diva wore while vacationing. Tell us what you think about the look and the letter in comment or @mediamyxx @akireshenri



























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