Say Her Name

Rita Ora was tapped to perform at the after party for Cartier Juste un Clou. Rita performed with Beyoncé and Jay-z watching from above as she continues her push for the US Market. Rita hit the red carpet in a ravishing black, backless dress wearing Cartier jewelry and then hit the stage in a graffiti dress with knee-high boots. Rita gave an amazing rendition of Say My Name by Destiny’s Child and had party goes tweeting about how much she “rocked”. Rita was then gifted parting gifts from Cartier as she happily tweeted about her experience.  Rita wasted no time keeping the moment going spending the next day interviewing with Billboard editor Erika Rodriguez about her new album. Other surprises were Shand Ross, who is a model and close friend to Beyoncé camp ,saying the features on Rita’s album that is she is not allowed to talk about will make the world gag. We have heard one is J. Cole but Shand was replying to her possibly working with Beyoncé, so we definitely are on the look out. See the pictures below of Rita on the red carpet courtesy of, and her interview with billboard via instagram and her performance of say my name. We also have the pictures she tweeted of her lovely gifts from the iconic jewelry brand. Tell us what you think of her look and performance in comments of @mediamyxx @akireshenri
















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