The Fan

Nicki Minaj is fresh off her second number CD on the Billboard 200 and how does she repay her fans. She blanks on the biggest fan site and deletes her twitter page. No that isn’t a joke, has supported Nicki from the very beginning and posted a leaked song. Nicki got wind and went on a rampage forcing the fan site to delete her twitter page, then went on a twitter rant about how hard she has it before deleting her twitter all together. I am sure this is nothing more than a sad ploy to get more sales since she clearly didn’t sell as many as last time out but how pathetic is anyone to argue with their fan base. Nickidaily got the last laugh closing the fan site and posting Dear Old Nicki to play when you go to the page. Check out the former fan page here: tell us what you think about this mess in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


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