The Solo Life

When Solange broke out with her album Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams, many gave her a mixed reaction. Most appreciated the great music she was churning out while others took it as a ploy to set herself apart from her über successful sister, Beyoncé. Solange has always been at a weird conundrum she reeks of independent artist doing their own thing but she is by no means a “struggling” artist. She comes from money and lots of it, her sister is a global powerhouse, her brother-in-law runs NY and her parents have successful businesses of their own. Solange gets the perks of the fruits of their labor with plush endorsement deals with everyone from Dereon to Armani . Though it doesn’t look good to the indy crowd she has been able to take advantage by staying true to the musical sound she set for herself. The singer is close to dropping her 3rd CD and is still DJing around NYC. Read the amazing article about Solange in the NY Times article here:http://www.nytimes.c…-own-terms.html  and look at the pictures taken by the times and courtesy of blog Let us know whtat you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri




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