The Voice

Nicki Minaj hit up the press rounds in England and when asked about her infamous twitter battle which caused the rapper to delete her twitter she said the voices in her head told her to delete it and so she did. Come on Nicki the gig is up, your album is flopping you are three weeks in and have not sold what your previous album did the first week. Being that I respect your Russell hustle I am going to share something with you. The pop crowd you are catering to will buy 1.29 singles, but they do not buy albums. It’s the reason you and many other of the girls you are competing with have millions of followers on twitter and have barely sold one million copies of their album. Then the silly twitter battles with your fans, they are you fans you owe them everything it’s not the other way around they are teenagers but when they grow up they will move on. With Azeleia Banks on the rise I think you need to get over yourself and remember what got you to this point. I am sure one of the voices in your head is telling you this. What do you guys think? Hit us up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


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