Mama Doesn’t Play

While Beyoncé will not let the haters steal her joy of the stupid surrogate rumors, her mother Tina is fired up about them. From the beginning Tina Knowles is tired of the rumors about her daughter, she famously reminded us in 2008 that she is from Galveston, TX and will fight if need be. What Galveston has to do with anything I am unsure but I just take it as, those are fighting words. Beyoncé grazed over the rumor with the proverbial Kanye shrug but Mama Tina said how unfair the rumor was. While I agree with Beyoncé’s approach it bothers me how haters don’t take folks families into the equation when they are being hateful. Tina says she was being asked about the ridiculousness and it obviously upset her. I think she is amazing because I would have gone upside anyone’s head who asked me that mess about my baby and grand baby. Read more about the stupid rumor reaction here: and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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