The Writings on the Wall

Beyoncé has done it again, she has offset the balance of black women who think too highly of themselves. The previous week Beyoncé was named People Magazine’s most beautiful and some how the ideal of beauty needed to be re-examined as this cover would send young black girls careening into low self-esteem for centuries to come. Well now something even worse has happen, she won a journalism award. Quick black women hide your children, your husbands Beyoncé won an award for her Essence Magazine piece she wrote last year. Of course twitter was ablaze, Beyoncé had a ghost writer, journalism as it once was is over and Beyoncé has a blonde weave. Why throw the blonde weave in , it doesn’t fit but was mentioned time and time again in most rebuttals of the award. Beyoncé put a video up thanking the New York  Chapter of the National Black Journalist and black women will live their lives in peace this week unless Beyoncé wins something else. Read about Beyoncé’s award here: and tell us what you think. I for one would like to say congrats to Beyoncé, continue to keep them mad.

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