Rihanna Double Talks That Talk

When Rihanna collaborated with Chris Brown for two remixes the Barbados born pop tart stuck her middle finger up at all her supporters that wanted to see her get the win. She bravely cursed out her teenage fans who didn’t agree with her decision and played the role of bad ass girl being a rebel in the music industry. Just like most girls who run their mouth though Rihanna doesn’t seem to appreciate when asked further to explain her position. When Rihanna shot for Esquire UK shortly after her stupid decision she was on twitter making fun of Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karreche and making racial slurs against her but when asked by the reporter why she make the dumb decision she get snappy and thinks those are dumb questions. Like always Rihanna was supposed to be handled with light gloves and allow her slutty pictures to do the talking but the interviewer didn’t let up and Rihanna the cool girl who “reads” em with ease was left looked pressed and unprepared. The singer needs to get prepared as the media is starting to make her answer for her dumb decisions and while a nasty attitude may impress the teens in her fanbase the older crowd isn’t buying her faux tough girl act. Look at the pictures below and tell us what you think in comments or @akireshenri @mediamyxx

Photos: Courtesy of Esquire UK


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