It Was All A dream

Dream Hampton is one of the most prolific writers of our time. The Detroit native is pretty much a legend in hip hop journalism she wrote and edited for The Source, Vibe, Ebony and of course wrote  with Jay-z on two books. dream’s friendships with Big, Jay and many others allowed her to write with such an insight into the lives of hip hop’s most guarded that we flocked faithfully to her writings. When dream joined twitter and Facebook writers and bloggers alike flocked to follow her like a junkie looking for a fix she enlightened our pages with talk of Mumia, political unrest, and her insight to pop culture of today. One thing dream never spoke at length about is her daughter. We who followed her knew her simply as “The Awesome Daughter”, as she spoke of paying for her private schooling and her daughter vegan lifestyle, natural hair and attraction to science. dream is many things but her role as mother seems to be her most fulfilling and the soft spot to her iron clad resolve as attending Beyoncé’s labor day concert at Revel unleashed social media’s answer to the Holy Wars. While many have written about the account most have posted inaccurate findings. Dream was searching her name on twitter and came across a young, rude Beyoncé stan who had a picture of Beyoncé and her teenage daughter. The writer confronted the teenager on twitter asking her where the “fuck” she got the picture from and demanding that she remove the picture from her timeline. The teenager and her twitter pal began to throw insults at the writer calling her and her daughter ugly and using a few curse words of their own. From there dream took to her page and told a story of her daughter being attacked by Beyoncé fans for taking a picture with the superstar and the story took off from there. dream announced she was leaving twitter and now we have umpteen articles about social media bullying, and how Beyoncé’s fans are keeping writings from having access to dream hampton. Sigh where do I begin, first and foremost as a follower of dream I am sorry her daughter was disrespected, there is no justification for saying hateful things about a child, however we all know many of the people so outraged have made a crass comment about someone’s child. Let’s not find their comments of Blue Ivy or Willow Smith to pull out the hypocrite in a lot people hollering for social responsiblity. dream popped off at a girl with Beyoncé in her avi on twitter and that girl didn’t care who she was and popped off  right back. That is  the end, there isn’t some crazed movement by Beyoncé stans verses dream, it was dream and two girls getting into a twitter beef.  dream hampton is a legend however, her behavior has seemed to be overlooked and it shouldn’t be. When I logged onto twitter and began to get bits and pieces of what was happening with dream, it was the owners of Beyoncé fansites who pointed out the culprits. When confronted the teenage girls both began with she started cursing at me. As much as you want to chalk it up to Beyoncé fans being mean and behaving in toxic behavior online these girls acted as individuals and so did dream . They were painted as pariahs throughout the internet. Talib Kweli and many powerful writers came to the defense of dream and those girls had nothing but their Beyoncé avi pictures and their pride. Writing articles telling Beyoncé fans the error of their ways is senseless because fans are not monolithic. Instead of speaking to toxic behavior as a whole writers invented a script where an entire fanbase attacked a writer and in the process deprived them of access to dream.  Beyoncé fans and stans are no different from fans of sports teams. They take their team very seriously but are not the only base behaving badly online. As a Carolina fan I have seem much worse on from Duke fans but that is neither here nor there. What I dislike is how toxic internet behavior is NOW a problem. How many of the outraged authors reamed Rihanna for calling a teenage girl ugly when she called out for working with Chris Brown? You didn’t the majority of you laughed and tweeted how “real” Rihanna was.What about when people talk harshly about Blue Ivy who just turned 5 months old  or Willow Smith who is just 11 years old? We cannot pick and choose when it’s unacceptable for certain behavior based on our dislike of the culprit. Many writers despise Beyoncé fans and that is the truth. Beyoncé stans are the worst sometimes especially when they feel Beyoncé was shaded and they have no issues in voicing their opinion.  Let’s be honest Beyoncé is at the top of the game because of her fans. Those fans just sold out four comeback shows for her and have provided her a lifestyle her peers envy. She is not going to disown her fanbase, she may add the picture of dream’s daughter to show her fans she cares about this girl. She may put rules on her website but ultimately she only cares if they buy a ticket to her concert or her latest CD. Beyoncé fansites should hold hive members responsible who try to hijack their fanbase with messy behavior but ultimately adults need to filter what comes on their timeline. Block negative people and keep it moving. Why do you allow the words of a stranger to hurt you so bad? Why add oxygen to their fire of negativity? I would understand if you were sixteen but at forty years old you know how . Social media is not forced upon you it is a choice and just like dream chose to leave twitter you can choose who can and who cannot have access to you. Let’s all take a responsiblity for our own behavior on social media and report and block those abuse our internet space. Also let’s leave the dramatic twitter exits to bad writing on sitcoms there is no award for that either. Let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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