Only Death Can Keep Her From It?

A lot can be said about Rihanna but you cannot say she is not persistent. Despite getting beat up, dogged out, and called out by ex Chris Brown she is still there willing to give him the best that she’s got. For two weeks Rihanna has been the subject of  whore activity by Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mills. All claiming Rihanna to be their “hoe” of choice. Rihanna of course tried to take ownership by saying it’s “her choice” but in the end she looks like she is passing the kitty out like candy and to scrubs no doubt. Well now Rihanna is back in NYC following Chris Brown around from club to club. This after he singer canceled UK work due to being “sick” and needing to spend time with her family. The singer was spotted not only with Chris at the 40/40 club but with her family as well so I guess this is a family affair.  I try to understand why she continues to take risks with her career for Chris. If she bathed she clearly might be able to get anyone but she seems stuck on the times she had with Chris but what I do know is that her inability to let go is finally starting to catch up to her as her causal fans have had enough. By all accounts Chris is her first love, and it’s clear he cares about her too but he seems to be ready to move on and Rihanna seems stuck in 2008 when they were a beautiful couple, touring together and getting matching tats. As Rihanna continues to spiral out of control rumors are surfacing Jay-z wants her to go to rehab but it’s clear she won’t go no, no.  Read more of this story here and tell us what you think about Rihanna and her obsession with Chris Brown in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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