Dues Paid

Another day, another female rapper on the rise having a breakdown on twitter. This time it’s Azealia Banks proclaiming she is “done” with rap. Apparently Azealia feels like she has paid her dues even though she doesn’t even have an album out. Sigh what dues have you paid Azealia? First she has a beef with Lil Kim because Kim didn’t want to rap the lyrics she wrote and takes it upon herself to act as if she was done wrong and now she is upset that the “urban” media isn’t kissing her ass. What happen to people understanding you have to crawl before you walk?  Good luck with that one, because if you think that mainstream is going to treat you any better you are in for a wake up call. Any new artist has to prove themselves and rightfully so that is not just in music. It’s with any you go after in life. Don’t let those Europeans hype you up and force you to cash a check you are not prepared to write yet. Anyway the um artist released her Liquorice video off her 212 mixtape. Tell us what you think in comments or hit me up on twitter at @akireshenri or @mediamyxx


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