She Who Laughs Last..

During season 2 of Love and Hip Hop Chrissy Lampkin was painted as a bully who disliked woman who made their own money. Watching the first season I never got that from her, I got she was insecure with her relationship with Jim particularly the direction it was going but hating on another woman getting hers, nah. Chrissy maintained Mona Scott-Young set her up on several occasions to take her out of her character and seeing as how the original cast is dropping like flies I can’t say she is lying. Chrissy is getting the last laugh as she now has her own show with finance Jim Jones. Jim and the family Jones will take a look at Chrissy and Jim’s life as they move forward towards getting married and becoming a family unit. I am sure that Mama Jones will also be on hand to shake things up. I am happy for Chrissy she was my favorite along with Emily B and I hope this works out for her. While I will not take a shot at Mona for trying to get the ratings up it was more than clear she set those girls up this season and that was shady. The Atlanta girls are hood rats and don’t care either way but I am now curious if Love and Hip Hop can carry on and who will they bring on the show . Let me know what you think in comments or hit me up on twitter @akireshenri or @mediamyxx

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