The Heroic Villian

To say I am overjoyed over the pictures of Angelina Jolie taking on the role of my favorite mistress of evil is an understatement.Maleficent, fromDisney’s classic Sleeping Beauty, was the epitome of what it was to be evil. She made it look so good with her tinted green skin, yellow eyes, blood-red lips and the most fabulous oval-shaped red nails you  have ever seen. Had it not been for the music and gorgeous voice then Aurora may have played second fiddle for me. Maleficent wasn’t jealous of Aurora’s beauty, she was pissed she didn’t get an invite to the party and showed the kingdom who really had the power, casting a spell on the young royal. Ahh as Disney begins bring yet another one to life Angelina is perfect to play this conniving evil doer. Look below at the official picture given courtesy of  Disney and let us know are ready to see this movie? Hit me up on twitter @akireshenri or the blog @mediamyxx or you can leave your comments below

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