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Jeb Bush has no interest in running for any office in the GOP. The former governor bluntly tells the public that neither Ronald Regan nor his father would fit in with this new “GOP”. According to Bush the “Grand Ole Party” has gotten brand new not even attempting to move this country forward or finding some “common ground”. The comments or interesting because his mother Barbara Bush was vocal during the primaries about how horrible the pool of candidates have been  this year for the GOP and saying the environment is the worst she had ever seen. Well I am sure the party will rally around Romney eventually but it’s clear the party allowing the tea party and other special interest groups to dwell with in the party is starting to bite them in the ass, no pun intended. Read more of Jeb Bush’s comments here and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Corny in Love

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continue to prove they are the corniest couple this side of  the western world. Kanye and Kim tweeted pictures of matching Air Yeezy’s. Kim told Oprah she loves that Kanye is an older man and can teach her something. Yes you read that right Oprah is interviewing the clan to find out why are they so famous. Sigh, what we have to do when our ratings drop huh Oprah? Anyway look at the picture below and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Jennifer Lopez Dances Again in Panama

Jennifer Lopez began her Dance Again World Tour last night in Panama. The hyphenated celebrity opened her solo leg of her World Tour before hooking up with Enrique Ingleius in July. Jennifer proved she can put on a show but still cannot sing as she unwisely tried to made If You Had My Love a slow song al la Beyoncé’s take on Sweet Dreams. Her costumes were made by Zuhair Murad and are a throw back to old hollywood glamour. Jennifer seemed her best when lip synching and dancing she puts on a good show despite the clear lack of vocal talent. Look below as she show you the sketches for her costumes as well as some of the performances for tour. Let us know what you think or if you are attending the tour in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Fame Stinks?

Lady Gaga is demolishing the touring industry right now making almost 50 million dollars in only 18 dates and now she is about to bring a new scent for her monsters. Gaga released the print ad for her new scent FAME and well it’s like Gaga interesting. When Gaga first signed her deal with Coty there was talk of her fragrance having notes of semen so I am curious what this will smell like. Look at the picture below and let us know do you plan on purchasing Gaga’s scent? Hit us up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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You Ain’t About This Life

I have waited all day to post on the Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill altercation. I have waded through the various reports and gotten the gist of the argument. Let me run it down Chris Brown , Drake and Meek Mill were all partying at the NYC club  WIP. Drake came in after Chris and according to people in Drake’s VIP section of the club he didn’t appreciate the way Brown was behaving. He spent and hour upset at how Brown conducted himself and spent about an hour telling everyone his dislike of the singer. As he got more heated he got people in his section hyped up the point they began to throw stuff his way. Once things got hot Drake apparently broke out but the aftermath left the club in ruin and Chris Brown, Karreche and 5 others being treated at local hospitals. Meek Mill took to twitter to plead his case of not being involved and reports confirm Meek was just there in Drake’s section. So what was the root cause? Rihanna , it is no secret that Drake is more than a little in love with Rihanna. It is also no secret the Bajan only uses Drake for hot collaborations and to make her ex mad from time to time. Sigh dumb move Drake people really got hurt all because your feeling got hurt. Read more  about the altercation from Kid Fury as he has an inside source that was in the club here and watch the video of Charlamange the God calling Drake out on his fradulent behavior below. Drake you ain’t about this life. You need to extend your tour because you are about to have to pay out. Let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Evelyn Circles the Bronx

Bronx native Evelyn Lozada starts her book tour in her hometown of the Bronx and her fans come out in droves to support. The reality star has a busy week doing press to promote her book and filming for her show with finance Chad. Evelyn showed up with her friends and family members to celebrate the launch. Her proud mother and sister along with her stylist Noe and her team kept the large crowd at Barnes and Noble in good spirits as Evelyn interacted with her fans. Look below at some pictures by Inner Circle fan chuychubaka93  as well as pictures courtesy of Eve’s twitter and instagram. Evelyn also had dinner with Star Jones who has taken the Basketball Wife under her wing since the entire boycott fiasco.  Will you buy the book? Let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri



















































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Only Death Can Keep Her From It?

A lot can be said about Rihanna but you cannot say she is not persistent. Despite getting beat up, dogged out, and called out by ex Chris Brown she is still there willing to give him the best that she’s got. For two weeks Rihanna has been the subject of  whore activity by Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mills. All claiming Rihanna to be their “hoe” of choice. Rihanna of course tried to take ownership by saying it’s “her choice” but in the end she looks like she is passing the kitty out like candy and to scrubs no doubt. Well now Rihanna is back in NYC following Chris Brown around from club to club. This after he singer canceled UK work due to being “sick” and needing to spend time with her family. The singer was spotted not only with Chris at the 40/40 club but with her family as well so I guess this is a family affair.  I try to understand why she continues to take risks with her career for Chris. If she bathed she clearly might be able to get anyone but she seems stuck on the times she had with Chris but what I do know is that her inability to let go is finally starting to catch up to her as her causal fans have had enough. By all accounts Chris is her first love, and it’s clear he cares about her too but he seems to be ready to move on and Rihanna seems stuck in 2008 when they were a beautiful couple, touring together and getting matching tats. As Rihanna continues to spiral out of control rumors are surfacing Jay-z wants her to go to rehab but it’s clear she won’t go no, no.  Read more of this story here and tell us what you think about Rihanna and her obsession with Chris Brown in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Strength, Courage and Wisdom

Good Morning America host Robin Roberts stunned the world when she announced she had breast cancer. The host shared her entire journey with the GMA viewers and bravely remained poised with every step. As a viewer I will never forget her and Diane Sawyer holding handing vowing to be like Thelma and Louise going over the cliff together. From her shaving her head to showing her wigs  she was the epitome of grace under fire. Now the fire has started again for the host as she reviled she needs a bone marrow transplant to fight MDS . The host contracted the disease while getting treatment for breast cancer. The host will begin her treatments this week which include a bone marrow transplant from her sister. We here at Mediamyxx are wishing Robin and safe and healthy recovery and she has our prayers. Read more about Robin’s brave fight here and let us know your thoughts in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Tia and Tamera Part Deux

Tia and Tamera kicked off their second season of their hit reality show on Style. The pair settled in to their new lives with Tia adjusting to life as a new mother and Tamera adjusting to living between LA and Napa Valley. Things got dramatic as Tia and Tamera decide to do a joint website to focus on the pair’s separate but equal interest. After the meeting Tia informs Tamera she needs to be availible for the business part of the website since she is living in Napa, Tamera takes offense. Tamera vents to bestie Andrea who informs Tamera she does disconnect from the world when in Napa. Using that feedback understand her twin Tamera is floored when she learns from her manager that Tia would be going to Utah. Tia was offered a role that both she was also up for in the a musical for TV and didn’t tell her sister. Tamera is hurt Tia didn’t tell her about the role. She vents to Andrea and hubby Adam about the snub and both tell her to tell Tia how she feels. Tia on the other hand is venting to co-star Wendy Raquel Robinson about the perils of being a full-time mother and no one understanding her pains. Wendy advises Tia to take a Mommy and Me class to connect with other mothers and to introduce Cree to other children. At Tia’s welcome back party Tamera takes her opportunity to confront Tia about the offer to which Tia explains she isn’t going to talk about right now. Tamera comes to Tia’s home the next day after cooler heads have prevails to which Tia explains she didn’t tell her about it  because she wasn’t sure if she was going to take the job. She was torn because Tamera was also up for the job and didn’t want to hurt her sister. The twins reminded each other of teachings Mama Mowry gave them and the pair moved forward. Ahhh instead of boycotting Basketball Wives and complaining about how black girls are protrayed there maybe you should get in to this great TV show here. I love Tia and Tamera its positive and not cookie cutter. Family relationships are hard sometimes you laugh, cry , get angry, jealous but always you keep it moving and stay a family. Tell us what you thought about the show last night in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Made Man

Jay-z  finally answers the call in my head to have a Hip Hop artist start a festival. For years the major festivals that hip hop and R&B stars have broken into are rock-based festivals. Well Jay-z partnered with Budweiser to begin the Made in America festival starting in September. The hip hop legend announced the festival right before he headed off the Europe for the Watch the Throne tour. The festival will take place over the two-day Labor Day holiday and 29 artist will take the stage , with Jay-z, Odd Future, Santigold, and Pearl Jam will headline. Rita Ora will also be featured during the event that will also serve to raise money for the Penn-Jersey area of the United Way. Read more about the festival here and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri