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Tardy to the Party:Tip Drill

While Rihanna may be crying ill for her awful performance on SNL, Rihanna clearly had no issue posting pictures on Instagram. She posted her earrings and bragged about being in fittings and she infamously played with strippers at Meek Mills birthday party. Rihanna tweeted about “Navi shit” and “Role Model” shit while making it rain on ratchet Players Clubesque strippers. Look at the pictures below and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


The Fan

Nicki Minaj is fresh off her second number CD on the Billboard 200 and how does she repay her fans. She blanks on the biggest fan site and deletes her twitter page. No that isn’t a joke, has supported Nicki from the very beginning and posted a leaked song. Nicki got wind and went on a rampage forcing the fan site to delete her twitter page, then went on a twitter rant about how hard she has it before deleting her twitter all together. I am sure this is nothing more than a sad ploy to get more sales since she clearly didn’t sell as many as last time out but how pathetic is anyone to argue with their fan base. Nickidaily got the last laugh closing the fan site and posting Dear Old Nicki to play when you go to the page. Check out the former fan page here: tell us what you think about this mess in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Chest Voice

We recently featured the awesome video for singer Melody Thorton’s mixtape P.O.Y.B.L. and have given her props for finding her own way to shine after being in a huge supergroup where she was treated unfairly. Her songs and video have been nothing short of amazing and have her finally getting the shine she deserved and put the focus on her voice. Unfortunately Melody didn’t feel her vocals were talking loud enough so she decided to wear a see through dress to get more attention. This troubling trend has everyone from Rihanna , Keri Hilson and now Throton exposing their full breast in clothing for obvious attention. Melody posted a picture of the dress via instagram so there is no way she can try it’s the camera excuse (that is bullshit too by-the-way)either. I hope she gets what she needs out of the attention, anywhoo we will post the picture below and you tell us what do you think about this new trend. Hit us up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Attention Whore Powers Activate!!

Kanye West is feeling Kim Kardashian and he wants the whole world to know. The narcissistic pair went to see Hunger Games, before a stay over at Kanye’s and then lunch for the paps to take pictures of their outing. Kanye warned his son he can’t find love in the strip club but a former stylist that fucked Brandi’s little brother, made a sex tape sold on a porn site and turned reality star is different right. Sigh look at the attention craved photo’ s here at

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Unecessary Roughness

When Piers Morgan had Robert Zimmerman, Jr on his show many were critical on how Piers not being a journalist began to shine through. He didn’t ask the tough questions and it seemed more like a Fox News right-wing conversation a la Sara Palin then trying to find out how a teenage boy was murdered walking home. No one was louder than Pop Culture critic Toure and he and Piers had a spat back and forth on twitter. After taunting Piers convinced Toure to come on his show and the two acted liked to spoiled children arguing back and forth about their credentials and hurt feeling and none about the death of child. Journalism as we know it is dead, it’s unfortunate (I think about this a lot) but let’s stay focused at the task at hand. This isn’t about Toure or Piers it’s about a Florida family who will never see their child again and a man who still has not been arrested for murdering their child. Watch the pissing match below and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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State of PR

When you begin to get bad press for doing silly things stars try to show a different side of themselves by posing with fans , doing charity work or all of the above. Rihanna is no different, as she is being called to task for her racial slurs against Karreche Tran and her breast barring outfit she wore to dinner , Rihanna is posting more family friendly pictures via instagram to say I’m just like you. The Bajan posted pictures of going to the grocery store, cooking dinner for her grandmothers birthday party and according the NY Post was on her best behavior at dinner in NYC on Wed even going out the side door so no pictures of her would be taken. Of course later that night Rihanna was back to her sheer shirts partying in the club but her areolas were covered. Sigh this girl is a hot mess and I see right through her but I love my granny too so kudos to her for at least making her feel special. Look below at the pictures and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri  (Photos: courtesy of  twitter and mirroruk)

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Attention Whores: Rihanna wants attention

During an interview in the UK the singer said she is competitive with other women because women hate to see another woman get something better? Well the singer proved her pettiness by spending her weekend trying to get attention from the media copying headline events. The singer first was photographed completely stealing another look from rising star Rita Ora while doing sound check for a show in New Orleans. Next the Bajan was photographed out in New York with her bust out at a New York restaurant. Of course she is needing the attention in that regard since Beyonce was being talked about for nursing her baby last week in NYC.  I wonder if she will be a discussion on Hot Topic? I guess the high of the Chris Brown backlash has worn off and with her singles not taking off like We Found Love did I guess she is doing all she can to stay in your face. Tell us what you think of attention needing “singer” in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Chris Brown and Rihanna cozy at her birthday party

Say it ain’t so Ri Ri.  Sources confirm that Chris Brown and Rihanna were spotted cuddling together at her birthday party.  According to, Chris Brown was so nervous about people seeing him at the party, that he attempted to have his enterouge have all the party-goers sign a confidentially agreement.  Well ofcourse, everyone didn’t sign the agreement and word got out, along with a picture of Ri Ri’s cake, a blunt with a model of Rihanna riding it.  Ironically, we didn’t think anything could top Miley Cyrus’ penis cake for her birthday but we were wrong.  Again happy birthday Ri Ri, and we at mediamyxx have one question, Did you get your birthday spanking?

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Attention Whores: Rihanna gets a dumb tattoo and tweets about it

Rihanna continues her look at me behavior this time by getting a dumb tattoo and posting it on twitter. She got “Thug Life” on her knuckles in white ink and rushed to post  the pictures on twitter. Of course she is just “living her life” or ‘being young” her supporters rush to defend her silly actions just as they did when she clearly wanted to be seen smoking weed while on vacation in Hawaii. On top of the stupid tat she looks like she absolutely reeks of alcohol and weed. Hey she wants the attention here is goes look at the stupid tat here: