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The Writings on the Wall

Beyoncé has done it again, she has offset the balance of black women who think too highly of themselves. The previous week Beyoncé was named People Magazine’s most beautiful and some how the ideal of beauty needed to be re-examined as this cover would send young black girls careening into low self-esteem for centuries to come. Well now something even worse has happen, she won a journalism award. Quick black women hide your children, your husbands Beyoncé won an award for her Essence Magazine piece she wrote last year. Of course twitter was ablaze, Beyoncé had a ghost writer, journalism as it once was is over and Beyoncé has a blonde weave. Why throw the blonde weave in , it doesn’t fit but was mentioned time and time again in most rebuttals of the award. Beyoncé put a video up thanking the New York  Chapter of the National Black Journalist and black women will live their lives in peace this week unless Beyoncé wins something else. Read about Beyoncé’s award here: and tell us what you think. I for one would like to say congrats to Beyoncé, continue to keep them mad.

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Popcorn Time

MTV announced the nominations for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards and it’s a showdown between The Hunger Games and Bridesmaids. Both massive movies received 8 nominations a piece including best film and cast.  The bigger surprise here was Twilight was shut out, they normally take home everything but I think it’s all about Katniss right now. Read more about the nominations here: and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Rita Ora at the NME Awards









Rita Ora is on fire right now. With a new single in the US and the UK she strutted her stuff at the NME Awards where she presented. Rita as seen at the afterparty enjoying herself before she begins practice for her upcoming gigs. Rita will be live March 9,2012 at It’s Supa Dupa Fly before touring with DJ Fresh in May. For more information just check out or Ora. (photo courtesy of Roc Nation)


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Adele is done Chasing Pavement, She is Chasing Records

This year’s Grammy’s did had an affect that hasn’t been felt in a while and that sent the buying public leaping to buy records. Of course Adele is in the forefront having 730,000 people buy her Album of the Year 21. That is just amazing this girl is doing it her album is again the biggest selling album of 2012 already and she took out fellow Brit’s Susan Boyle’s record with these new numbers making her the British woman with the highest numbers on the US Charts. Read the rest of the number for the Grammy’s upswing here and tell us what you think about Adele in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Lil Wanye throws Rocks at The Throne

Lil Wayne used a pre-Grammy party to take another shot at Jay-z. This time he took a jab at The Throne, the group with Jay and Kanye saying “I met a red-bone, I took the girl home/I asked her what she wanna watch, she said, ‘surely not The Throne”. Meh, the crowd loved it and this is the second time within the last year Wayne has continued to come for Jay, last year Wayne called Beyonce a bitch and threatened to kidnap her but that was overshadowed by Beyonce announcing her pregnancy. Cash Money/Young Money want respect, the kind Jay-z and Roc Nation have , they have made no qualms saying this especially because they are better at launching new talent. When Forbes featured Jay-z and his success Baby decided not to be outdone they went straight to magazine Hip Hop Weekly( this is NOT a typo) to boast about this success and money. Cash Money recently has gone on a signing spree picking up Busta Rhymes, Tyga, Mystical and Christina Milian but at this point they have only released albums but Nicki Minaj, Drake and Wanye. Cash Money was front and center at the Grammys with both Nicki and Wanye performing in prime spots but it was Roc Nation who took home the Grammy gold, I guess that red bone doesn’t watch The Throne but Grammy voters do huh? Tell us what you think of this latest nudge by Wanye in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Love, Peace and Electro Pop?

When Chris Brown won for best R&B album the outrage on twitter wasn’t because he won but because Chris Brown doesn’t sing R&B music anymore. I can assure you Beautiful People, Turn up The Music and Yeah 3x isn’t on anyone’s local urban station nor is Rihanna and her hopeless place. The Grammy’s completely disrespected black music and artist yet again from not putting up a picture of Etta James during her SHORT tribute to not adding Vesta Williams on the list of the dead being honored and by honoring Don Cornelius before the Euro pop section , really? You know as a reader I love and Adle and feel she deserved every one of her Grammys but all of Adele’s wins were televised when Beyonce, who won six first in 2010 only got one televised acceptance speech. Adele’s pictures holding her six Grammy’s were ready shortly after the Grammy’s for the world to say congrats but we had to wait days for the pictures of Beyonce holding her six to surface. Now that the Grammy’s are over the focus isn’t on the winners it’s where was Kanye, where was Beyonce and Jay instead of being at the show. If more stars began to stop attending the event until respect is giving I think the voters would rethink their position. Diana Ross couldn’t get a real tribute for all the work she put into this industry by the Grammys? The Beach Boys got a better honor on Sunday. fortunately I am not alone in this thinking as fellow blog Brilliantly Blunt wrote an outstanding piece on the  oversight here: . Tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Pizza, Pizza

Instead of suffering through the Grammy’s awful performances Jay-z took his wife out to their favorite Pizza place in Brooklyn for a Sunday date. The rapper took his wife, Beyonce to Lucali’s pizza where they sat in the back and enjoyed each other’s company. Jay previous told us of his weekly pizza date with Beyonce in his interview with Oprah for her magazine O. Read more about Jay pampering his wife here:

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Grammy’s 2012


Stop the track let me state facts, last night the  Grammy’s were horrible if this is the best we have in music we are in trouble. Outside of Adle’s smoking rendition of Rolling in the Deep and Jennifer Hudson’s amazing tribute to Whitney and Bruno Mars(who knew) the show was horrible and showed how non talent is the new black. Chris Brown lip synching at the Grammy’s and winning best R&B album, Rihanna still having a horrible voice but she gave an effort so I am supposed to overlook it, Chris Martin sounding like an  animal mating (it is weird Gwenyth did better), Alicia Keys having nerve to attempt Sunday Kind of Love. I just can’t and won’t at the complete tomfoolery that was Nicki Minaj. Congrats to Adle you deserved every single win as did the Foo Fighters, shout out to Dave for not letting the Grammys mess up what he had to say. Hit me up and tell me what you thought about last night’s show in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri (photo courtesy of

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Katy Perry shares her new Dream

Sigh in one of the most desperate and pathetic moves made by a record company Capitol and Katy Perry are re-releasing Teenage Dream and have released the artwork for the new fete. The rumor mill is her new single with Rihanna will be performed at the Grammy’s and that will give her the tie breaking single. Good luck Katy and Capitol I hope you will have some integrity with your next CD here is the cover courtesy of Capitol Records and below. Tell us what you think

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Katy Perry to Perform at the Grammys

You can add Katy Perry to the fray of performers at the Grammy’s this Sunday. The Fireworks singer will perform what is at this point unknown . Katy is gearing up to re-release her Teenage Dream CD hoping to get another number one record to break the tie with Micheal Jackson. Are you excited to see Katy perform? Let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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